The T-AP Forum is the ultimate decision-making body and is consisting of T-AP members. The T-AP Forum members aim to:

  • to enhance high quality trans-Atlantic co-operation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities
  • to acknowledge the importance of international collaboration in exploiting the potential of research for significantly enhancing our knowledge and understanding of human thought and behaviour in the past present and future
  • to share and transfer knowledge and good practices
  • to promote multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary Social Science and Humanities research on topics of medium and long-term interest
  • to learn from, enhance and expand existing research networks
  • to strengthen research capabilities and to encourage scientific excellence through interactions of scholars
  • to enhance and facilitate research networks and programmes related to Social Sciences and Humanities

Overview T-AP Forum members

  Formal T-AP Forum member(s) Contact Information
AKA Floora Ruokonen

Satu Huuha Cissokho

ANR Yves Fort

Armelle Chandellier-Tosent

BMBF/ DLR Maike Koops

Gaia di Luzio;

CONACYT Christian González Laporte

DFG Anne Brueggemann

Niklas Hebing

Anna Knaps

FAPESP Luiz Mello

Claudia Bauzer Medeiros

Cristóvão de Albuquerque

FCT Gonçalo Zagalo
FRQ Louise Poissant

Bernard Vandal

HRZZ Irena Martinović Klarić
ISC The International Science Council
NEH Carlos Diaz-Rosillo

Brett Bobley

NSF Deborah Olster
NWO Jeanet Bruil

Berry Bonenkamp

Alice Dijkstra

SSHRC Ted Hewitt

Suzanne Board

Nicolas Parker

UKRI-AHRC Adam Walker

Konrad Mould UKRI AHRC

UKRI-ESRC Jeremy Neathey

Lewis Preece

Manija Kamal

The T-AP Forum is co-chaired by FAPESP, SSHRC and UKRI-ESRC.

T-AP Coordination Team

The T-AP Coordination Team is composed of members from the co-chairs’ funding organizations and they act as the formal coordinator of the platform. Currently, the responsibility of the coordination is shared between UKRI-ESRC, FAPESP and SSHRC.